Hair Repair

hair repairThere is nothing like having beautiful, healthy, and manageable hair. Not only do you become the envy of everyone, it is also less time-consuming to take care of hair that does not have a mind of its own. Just imagine taking several trips during the day to see yourself in the mirror to make sure that your hair looks good. With presentable hair, your confidence is also given a boost, making you ready to face all of the day’s challenges.

Everyone is born with naturally beautiful hair, whether it is straight or curly, blonde or brunette. Unfortunately, as you grow old, your hair will lose its luster. Why is this so?

Argan Oil helps with Hair Repair by the following:

Free Radicals

 These highly reactive ions that float everywhere is the biggest enemy of the human body. They mess up the body’s cells and leave them damaged. Your hair and scalp are not immune to their damaging effects as well, and soon you will see your scalp drying up and your hair becoming dull.

Chemical Treatments

 Those with curly hair want them to become straight, those with straight hair want them to become curly, blondes want to become brunettes, and the list goes on. The chemical treatments that you subject your hair into can be very damaging. With repeated procedures, your hair will become dry and brittle.

Daily Styling

 After shower, you blow dry your hair and slather it with different styling gels and creams. The heat and the chemical ingredients present in your hair products contribute in damaging your hair. Falling hair and itchy scalp are common effects because of the residue these products leave on your hair and scalp.

Start your repairing your hair today with Pura D’or argan oil

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