Nail Care

Nail Care

One product which actually delivers on its promises is Argan oil, which has benefits beyond its cosmetic purposes. Argan oil uses for nails allow for a totally natural solution, without any adverse effects. Pura D’or is a good example of a pure and organic Argan oil brand.

Applying a moisturizing solution to nails is just as important as applying one to the skin. Regular application of Argan oil can ensure strengthier nails. It is particularly effective for people with broken or splinted nails, and it is also ideal for reinvigorating flimsy nails. Argan oil uses for nails can improve cuticle strength, which results in overall healthier nails; cuticles are important in maintaining the structure of nails, and neglecting their care can result in a variety of nail problems.

Argan oil contains a variety of essential vitamins and fatty acids, which keep nail-cuticles tough but flexible, just as they are naturally intended to be. The oil’s hydrating and antioxidant properties, and its abundance of Vitamin E, can ensure nails will maintain their natural shine and not break or chip.

Applying Argan Oil to Nails

The best oil to purchase for nails is Pura D’or, or one with lightly toasted seeds. This is not suitable for cooking, as cooking-grade Argan oil is made by heavily roasting the seeds; this process brings out the flavour, but somewhat diminishes the oil’s properties. Pura D’or uses for nails can combat weak or brittle nails, in order to increase their strength and better protect them. It can also help heal nails which are scarred or chipped, and reinvigorate them.

The oil is easily absorbed, and does not leave a greasy or oily coating like synthetic products. It is easy to apply simply by massaging the oil onto the palm, and gently rubbing it into the nails for a few minutes. Leaving it overnight produces the best results, and the difference can be noticeable after the first day of application.

The oil can also be mixed with lemon juice, which will provide an extra shine to the nails. Simply mix equal parts of lemon juice and Pura D’or, and soak both hands in the mixture for 15 minutes. It can be also applied by dropping a small amount onto each nail, and gently rubbing the oil in order to allow absorption.

Overall, Argan oil uses for nails provide an ideal solution for their health, improving cleanliness, cuticle strength and radiance. If used regularly as part of a nail-care routine, one can reap the rewards of its long-term beneficial effects. Used in conjunction with a healthy diet, the benefits of Argan oil extend further than just nail-care.

Pura D’or provides an ideal solution for daily nail-care, and will also grant a number of other health benefits.
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