Hair Loss Prevention

Dont go bald, start your hair loss prevention today with argan oil from Pura D'orHair loss and thinning of the hair is a common problem, which not only occurs in men, but also in women. As you age it is natural for hair to become thinner and even fall out, however, sometimes age is not the only factor that causes a person to lose their hair, as children can too experience it.

There are many causes of hair loss and they affect different people in different ways.

Women around the world consider their hair a source and symbol of beauty. Many women value it more highly any other single feature; in fact, its styling can even be used to enhance other features, framing the face to set off the facial features to best advantage. The flexibility of styling options is another advantage of hair as a feminine feature, and no one will deny that ladies love to dress up their locks in different ways. Coloring, curling, straightening, teasing, braiding and weaving, shaping, cutting, extending—the list of styling options seems endless. Employing argan oil products will prevent all that styling from wreaking damage on the precious mane.

Argan Oil Hair Loss Prevention: How it Works.

Pure argan oil contains a unique blend of natural vitamins and organic compounds that are critical components in hair maintenance and even repair of damaged shafts and split ends. When applied externally to strands of hair, molecules of the oil can actually penetrate the shaft of hair, carrying with it all the antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins. An argan oil hair treatment isn’t merely coating the outside of the hair with a greasy cover-up; it is conveying needed nutrients into the cells of the hair.

The component compounds of argan oil include a lengthy list of nutrients that are essential for healthy hair, so it’s not surprising that clinical trials have confirmed an equally lengthy list of argan oil benefits to hair loss:

  • Protects hair loss from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and sun damage.
  • Adds elasticity and strength to the hair, which helps prevent further damage of breakage and splitting.
  • Repairs damage at the cellular level, reconstructing damaged cell membranes through the work of antioxidants.
  • Increases elasticity and repaired damage combine to make the hair noticeably smoother, with a softer feel and a less frizzy appearance.
  • Moisturizes hair, adding luster, shine and softness.
  • Holds styling better than untreated hair.
  • Argan oil hair loss products have the added advantage of not leaving the hair looking greasy or feeling oily.

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