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Get smoother skin with argan oil todayWhat does this have to do with pure argan oil being liquid gold. For one, calling something liquid gold is implying that it is pretty great to begin with. So, is pure argan oil as great for skin as people are saying? Consider some of the ingredients found in pure argan oil:

Antioxidants for smoother skin:

 The recent craze for antioxidants has been intoxicating. As soon as the research was released that perhaps antioxidants could help fight the losing battle against cancer, people went wild for it. They looked everywhere to find more antioxidants to use: they drank more wine, more dark chocolate and even took supplements purely designed as antioxidant supplements. Then the word came out that argan oil was naturally rich in the stuff and people lauded over that too. Soon, pure argan oil was hailed ‘liquid gold for the skin’.

Essential Fatty Acids:

When people hear the word fat they squirm. We have been conditioned as a society to believe that anything to do with fat is bad (even though we have the highest rate of obese people in recorded history. Very ironic, to be sure). The thing is that although some fat is bad, not all of it is. In fact, there are some forms of fat that are essential to our health, including fatty acids. Pure argan oil contains a variety of essential fatty acids, making it not only a supplement for the skin, but one with nutritional benefits as well.

Vitamin E:

 Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins. We all know about vitamins, or at least known enough of what we’ve been told. Vitamins are the ‘life force’ of the body; they are what make us run so well and are what make us feel so good. Without vitamins, we begin to shrivel into nothing. Pure argan oil contains a strong percentage of Vitamin E in its core. What do you know about vitamin E? You should remember your parents telling you that vitamin E helps with eyesight (carrots, anyone?)

Sourced from a tree native to Morocco, argan oil has long been used in skin care by Moroccans. But while a number of beauty companies around the world now use argan oil as a key ingredient in skin-care products, few studies have tested argan oil’s effects on the skin.

There’s some evidence that consumption of argan oil may offer certain health benefits. For instance, findings from animal-based research suggests that taking argan oil orally may fight insulin resistance and lower blood pressure. Since little is known about the safety of consuming argan oil, it’s important to consult your doctor if you’re considering the use of argan oil for any health condition.

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