Anti Aging Properties

Argan Oil Uses for Anti-Aging

Pura D'or Argan oil uses for anti-aging properties

Many products have made claims to stop or slow down the aging process, largely unsuccessfully. Argan oil has managed this seemingly impossibly process, and is the first proven product to hold onto this claim legitimately. Argan oil uses for anti-aging can reinvigorate body and skin, to maintain the long lost exuberance of youthful beauty. Pura D’or oil is a good example of a pure organic oil to use.

Anti-Aging, What is It?

The human body is made up of numerous small units called cells. Just like other living organisms, cells need food in order to be able to survive. Not just simple food, but the right combination of proteins and nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy. With the right nutrients, normal cells are able to systematically and cyclically, replace themselves.

Argan Oil’s Anti Aging Breakthrough

When cells are replaced, these possibilities occur:

1) They are substituted by cells which are weaker, because of the lack of adequate resources (i.e. proteins, nutrients). This is known as degeneration

2) They are replaced by the cells of the same quality and strength, due to the same nutritional components.

3) They are replaced by stronger and healthier cells, due to an increase in the nutritional quality. This is called regeneration, or anti-aging.

It is therefore possible to significantly slow down the aging process by using a brand of Argan like Pura D’or oil.

Argan Oil Uses for Anti-Aging

Many scientists and researchers have concluded that the process of anti-aging is perfectly possible, despite previously being considered ridiculous. For instance, they are aware that high-sugar foods (such as chocolate) and high-carbohydrates food can cause degeneration, and subsequently speed up aging. Instead, vegetables and fruit can help slow down the aging process.

Argan oil uses for anti-aging can help considerably reinvigorate one’s overall well-being. The oil comes from the raw seeds of the Argan tree, found in the hard nut of the tree’s fruits. All the proteins and substances are well preserved inside the fruit, and the seeds retain every single property when oil is made. Some oils are only lightly toasted, like Pura D’or oil, to preserve all the natural benefits of the seeds.

The unique composition of organic chemical substances provide the benefits found in Argan oil uses for anti-aging. For instance, the active ingredients found in Pura D’or oil provide these benefits:

1. The unsaturated fatty acids (80%) in the oil help reduce skin inflammation, which is a great contributor to aging.

2 Squalene is a natural organic compound, and it helps prevent skin degeneration. It also helps keep skin soft and generally helps to stop other degenerative effects on the skin.

3 Phenolic compounds are also important in the anti-aging process, as they protect the body from free radicals chemical reactivity.

4 Using the oil has healing effects on marks, scratches and scars on the skin, almost akin to a miracle cure. The difference is instantly notable when applying the oil to the skin.

Argan oil uses for anti-aging can be considered comprehensive, and will provide overall health benefits. Pura D’or oil will provide just that, though it might be less suitable for cooking.
Pur D’ors Anti-Aging argan oil

Benefit from argan oil’s anti aging properties now with Pura D’or Argan Oil

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