Stretch Marks

Argan Oil Uses for Stretch Marks

Argan oil uses for stretch marks
Stretch Marks and Stretch Mark Prevention

Stretch marks can be an embarrassing result of sudden gain or sudden reduction in weight. Weight loss or gain can happen for a variety of reasons, like being pregnant, going on a diet, or simply as a result of inactivity. Skin is flexible, but it will rip apart with sudden mass-changes. These rips are exactly what stretch marks are – or torn tissue in the middle layer of the skin.

Stretch mark prevention is better than a cure, and Argan oil can help both prevent and heal them.

Argan Oil Uses Against Stretch Marks

Argan oil is naturally produced by grinding the seeds of the Argan tree’s fruits. The seeds are then toasted before the oil-extraction process, and it all results in a curative natural product. Argan oil benefits go way beyond those of a simple cosmetic product.

The oil is well known for its antioxidant and hydrating properties, both of which can be beneficial to the skin. Argan oil uses against stretch marks can help reduce them, together with providing anti-aging benefits for the skin. Women may find that applying Argan oil during pregnancy helps reduce stretch marks later on.

Argan oil uses for stretch marks stop the breakdown of collagen and elastin, two elements which contribute to the elasticity of the skin. It also acts as a moisturizing solution and helps keep the skin reinvigorated and fresh. Argan oil uses for stretch marks aid in the rejuvenation of both elastin and collagen and helps prevent the degeneration process which takes place at the cellular level.

Argan Oil Uses for Skin Marks and Scars

Phytosterols are steroid compounds found in Argan oil, and they can help regenerate and heal scars. Whether it is scar-tissue as a result of an injury or minor stitching, the oil’s active ingredient can act both to refresh, disinfect and heal the skin.

Argan oil uses for skin marks include the treatment of acne. The oil can heal marks due to infections like chicken pox, measles or conditions like psoriasis. Argan oil benefits include keeping the skin free of bacteria, and can help prevent spots. Stretch-marks are also scars, though formed underneath the skin (as explained previously), and the presence of phytosterols can help remove these as well.


Pura D’or oil is an ideal brand of Argan pure oil for skin and stretch marks. Applying the oil is simple, and it can be mixed with other oils or lemon juice. It can be used on its own or diluted with rose, sweet almond oil, or similar. Pura D’or oil can be applied to any part of the body, in order to prevent stretch marks.

For best results, gently massage the oil for a few minutes, and leave it overnight. Applying it twice a day is ideal, and it will not leave a greasy or oily coating like most cosmetic products.
Ged rid of those strecth marks with Pura D’or’s pure organic Argan Oil.

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