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About Argan Oil Benefits

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is removed from the Argan nut which comes from a very special tree which grows in Morocco. This oil is wealthy of emollients which are essential in miniaturization of both the hair and the skin. However, the oil also has significant benefits to general health, since it can help regulate a number of bodily functions. In terms of health benefits, Argan oil is considered more useful than sunflower, coconut, fish or olive oil.

Argan Oil For Beauty Secrets?

Moroccan Argan benefits has been a beauty secret for quite some time due to it’s anti-aging properties. Argan oil is now considered widely popular worldwide, and its cosmetic benefits are well known and understood. Argan oil has a number of beneficial agents in its chemical composition, such as polyphenoles, carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids and the all-important Vitamin E. The latter is a principal factor to the oil being so beneficial for general well-being. By now, one can see that using Argan oil can help maintain health and even increase general well-being. It is rare for a cosmetic product to have so many beneficial properties, without any adverse effects. Hence, it is worth investing in Argan oil to improve general health, particularly since its benefits will not be found in any other single cooking oil or cosmetic product.

Better Lifestyle?

The Argan trees also have medicinal features which are believed to have assisted greatly in saving the lives of many people in morocco for the past many years.It can also be used as part of a weight loss program, or generally as a dietary component, particularly due to its benefits on the immune system. It can be substituted for other commonly used oils, such as sunflower or olive oil, and will provide more overall benefits to the regulation of the body’s functions.

There is also notable value in the oil’s nutritional composition, as Argan oil is shown to contain only 8 grams of fat. The oil is mainly composed of 1.4 grams of saturated fat, 3.4 milligrams of proteins, 3 grams of polyunsatured fat and 3.4 grams of mono-saturated fat.

The increasing demands for healthy diets make Argan oil the preferred substitute for olive, sunflower or coconut oil. Argan oil’s place in such a healthy diet is found in the break up of its composition, consisting of very little fat and mostly protein. The presence of Vitamin E is also important, and Argan oil contains twice the amount found in olive oil. This combination of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants puts Argan oil ahead of the rest, as a choice for chefs and dietitians worldwide.

Live Longer?

Argan oil uses for health benefits include regulating potentially unhealthy levels of cholesterol. The latter is the primary reason for heart attacks, though there are often other contributing factors involved. Moreover, the oil provides benefits as an anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial agent, not only for cosmetic purposes but also for the body’s internal organs. Another beneficial effect includes the reduction and prevention of malignant cells in the body, in a potentially deadly disease like cancer. It can also alleviate pain from such a condition, or pain from conditions like chronic arthritis, multiple sclerosis and similar.

Argan Oil is good for my Hair, Skin AND Nails as well?

Argan oil treatment is actually a wondrous multi-tasked product which aids in softening unmanageable thick hair, assists in building strength that is flexible, ensure restoration of softness and shine to once lifeless and dull looking hair and also helps in protecting against any environmental damage and distortion.

Argan oil is a natural way to keep in moisture, making sure that hair remains light and fluffly without the heavy use of ingredients in other shampoos and treatments. Argan oil is a completely non-greasy formula when used in hair products, making it perfect for everyday use, too. Apart from this formula protecting your hair from damage as a result of over processing or drying, it also restores damaged and over processed hair to its beautiful and natural condition. Some important benefits of the Moroccan oil treatment include; Nourishment of your scalp. Controlling of frizz. Ensuring hair protection from any environmental damage. Softening of thick and unruly hair. Restoration of hair softness and shine. Repairing the damaged hair. Hydration and de-tangling of hair.

Argon oil is a completely natural product and free from abrasive chemicals or dangerous side effects. It contains triterpenoids that help in tissue healing and protect skin from damage. It can be used to reduce the effect of skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. It helps reduce the inflammation present in these conditions. It heals scars and is helpful in reducing discoloration from acne or pimples.

This website provides information on the vast Argan Oil uses. Our hope is to shed some light on certain areas of peoples lives that could be drastically improved by the use of Argan Oil and it’s miraculous benefits.

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